kato age two

Little Birthday Abe

Happy Birthday to Little Abe, 9 years young today.
Eeeep! That icons a bit scary lupercal,pet. Its a bit 60s/70s sci-fi. Don't suppose you remember the Tomorrow People?
Little Abe. The Dog Who Never Sleeps.
I know, Abe was always the doglet that never slept, no matter what time you looked at her, no matter how cream crackered she was, she would always be looking back at us.

But since she turned about....ooooh.......seven. She does have the odd nap.
Awwwwwww .... Happy Birthday Abe! Hope you get a great birthday tea and lots of presents.
Re: PtP
Pilchards in Tomato for tea.
A squeaky spider - it squeaked (squet?) for all of 10 seconds after she got it in her expert de-squeaking paws.
And a new oversized tennisball.
Abe syas thankyou for birthday wishes - she is sleeping off a night of partying with pilchards (in tomato), a new squeaker toy and many funsize B-B-Q chew treats

Your hair (and you) look great in that icon-piccy missus. Can't decide if you look a bit squiffy-hic or just impishly naughty in the pic. Or both. :-)

Um, combination of the two I think, people kept buying me drinks, including my lil brother givng me something blue and rather scary-looking that he insisted I down immediately ;o)

Yay for baby Abe having a good birthday, must come and harass her and other doglets soon! ;o)