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Dog Five

Hippy, (aka doglet_cfc_male ) has declared there will be no Dog Five until the following criteria  fulfilled.

1. There is a vacancy on a human arm - as boglin has pointed out having more dogs than arms in the Collective could be problematic
2. Abe and Java have succesful PeaceBarks and end their Bitchy Jihad.
3. Hell has frozen over

But just supposing........ this little fella on dogpages - would be the perfect candidate. He (yes, HE, a male dog will be easier to assimilate into the crazy bitch hormone fueled collective) is approx 2 year old GSD/rott, he doesn't know how to play, but longs to, just like Java was once upon a few years ago. (Kato reckons 10 minutes of her sweet lovin' would sort that out) and likes people/other dogs.  Would prefer to be homed with no children or cats - that would be us then...........

Bit collar shy - but in the Collective , there's no pressure. Man.

Don't panic Flist - not about to do summat well daft. But he caught our eye - and under different circumstances we would be the perfect home for the wee chap.



Hehe, strolling adoption/sale pages is always a risky business, but somehow strangely compulsive!
He's a nice looking person though, albeit sadly minus tail!
This flaw was noted by the Collective - and we would have to have collars and T-shirts printed up with "It wasn't us" printed on them and an appropriate Tail symbol.

And we considered a prosthetic (sp?!) tail - perhaps even a fluoro one - if your going to have a falsee fitted, might as well have a big UV Las Vegas style tail.

Kato was the result of strolling rescue pages......four dogs? No way. Us? Four?.........Oooops!
He is lovely...we keep saying no to dog three... having one of each sex its hard to decide which way to go...another girl or another boy.....
I think if you have a puppy, it doesn't really matter. Kato took over very quietly as Top Dog, no skirmishes, just a bot of staring and pouting at who gets to sit in between us on the sofa, though we do have control and we can choose if we want to - though I,m not sure I really beleive in some of that stuff - as there are situations where Little Abe or Crumbly Lindsay is Top.

With an older rescued dude(ss) - depends on the temperament of the other two and who is the boss (or thinks they are). Having four girls, two of whom have issues with each other, then Dog Five will have to be male. And it takes a few days before you can truly know - how are yours when other dogs visit?
Well...Barnum is defenity top, but we did have a bit of a hand in that as Meena is a right bossy boots but has no life experience so has a tendency to bite first ask questions later (though this is much improved)

I think if it was layed back we would be fine, my sister had a GSD X something else and he takes all of Meena's indignation at being snooted in the rear and they soon settle down an play once its established there will be no hanky panky of any kind young man!!!

But girlies....hmmm..she has had a couple of skirmishes....not full on scraps but she did wrestle my friends deerhound to the ground and tell it off for chasing her.....but then again she has a little round butterball of a labrador friend Bella who she adores....