kato age two

Compare and Contrast

the Pup-in-Arms Sweetness at 14 weeks old to the Clumsy Lummox at 2 years and 4 months old, we took a regular household object, a boglin and did a comparison study.

No boglins were harmed in making this study....

A very little sweetness fidgeting on Aunty Boglins lap

I wuv you.

Not quite sure where kato ends and boglin begins in this photo

Come on gizza kiss boglin - ewwwww,  no tongues, no tongues!

The Kato ends, and Boglin begins...

Looks more like the cannibal dogs revenge to me!

Nathan, the Toxic Pixie
You know, there's not any chance we could drop that last one? Even Simon has, upon seeing it, burst into fit of uncontrolable laughter, squealing 'That's *not* a good one of you!' The others I can cope with, but that last one. I shall be bringing my entourage next time I come - make up artist, stylist... ;)
Heh, but in fairness you were being ravished by an onslaught of Canine Feminists, who were very pleased to see you.

But have duly edited the photo - tho Kato looks a bit savage now - which I think in the previous picture was tempered by your amused expression
You could send Simon round to have his photo taken while being molested by the doglets, who don't often meet people who will allow them within snooting distance. Most people just run off screaming.....or just don't visit.

You know; when you've been Kato-ed :-)
Re: PS
But for us addicts it's The Biz I was soooo happy to be Kato-ed on Saturday and I'm looking forward to more in a couple of weeks.