Glyn and Java

"More Cheese, Java?"

The LJ user formerly known as balsal_heathen now WINOLJ, commented at the weekend that Java and Glyn (her personal dogsitter) relationship always puts him in mind of Wallace and Gromit. 

And we suspect the mental image we have now, of Java and Glyn sitting down to a breakfast of Wensleydale and tea, surrounded by gadgets, isn' t that far from the truth. Pondering where they will go for the days walkies....

"Java!, that's it! Cheese! We'll go somewhere where there's cheese!"

And thinking about it - Java has become more partial to dairy products since her friendship with Glyn commenced. Java always returns from her weekends away with incredible stories of swimming, beer festivals, launderettes and steam trains.

"Holy helecopters! Penguins aren't supposed to fly! We'll never catch him now. Unless." 

 Wouldn't surprise us to see Java in the newspapers with a column of sheep on her shoulders saving them from being rustled by a mad cyberdog called Kato Preston. 

"Well I think we got away with that, eh pooch!"



love java's headress, had to wade through your pictures to make sure it was java though first :)