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Dead, Animal Antagoniser

I don't wish anyone dead - but sometimes retribution goes a bit skew-wiffy.

This Steve Irwin bloke who has died. He cruelly antagonised and aggravated animals for no other reason than to make TV, get famous and get rich.

And his alleged work for conservation or the environment does not cancel out the fact that he teased and antagonised animals needlessly.  For what end? Breed more endangered species so he could go wind them up? So he could be a TV star and make shed loads of dosh?Teasing ferocious, dangerous animals is not big or clever.  And they were only dangerous and ferocious when he came along.

Woooo - what a hero. Innee brave? Inneee a nutter? 

No, he was a cruel plonker. And now he is a dead plonker. 

He didn't meet his end the way he deserved to

Hope the stingray is alright. 

I have only seen a few isolated clips of his "technique" and just asked myself why?

Little Abe knows all about having digits up her butt........
It seems he was swimming above the stingray - probably scared the bejaysus out of it though I wouldn't be surprised at all if it stung him accidentally.
Yay! Other people that don't think he was 'marvellous' and 'so brave'.
Re: PtP
Bit of a C-word in my opinion. Up there in hattys chart of hatred with Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley Whittyshit.

I hope you remember your password to log into Live Journal -am thinking of (sadly and reluctantly) going "friends only"