all four

Happy Gotcha Day Sweetness!

Just over two years ago, we thought Lindsay was on her last paws. Her demise would have left hippy with no doglet, just two step-doglets. Much as hippy  loves That Abe and Java.  And we had extra garden space and a trashed house mid-rennovation for housetraining in. So we made the decision to get Dog Four.  We found our perfect rescue puppy on - GSD/rotty cross with a Maybe Pinch of Collie chucked in. (the rescue forgot to mention the smidge of Piggy Faced Gremlin and hint of Nutter Critter)  A 360 mile round trip brought Kato aka The Sweetness/Krappo/Piggy Face to the Collective. A plump, warm puppy made of rubber and fun. 

 boglin looked after the doglets while Puppy Acquisition mission was executed and helped out in those first difficult hours of the cute puplet weeping, terrified at being towered over by three reluctant Mothers (yup, there was a time, albeit brief, when That Abe towered over the Sweetness) The three older dogs sniffed the new arrival and then duly warmed basket space, escorted her on her first stumbly adventures in gardenville, fished her out of the pond, stopped her chewing the one marked LIVE and generally  taught her the ways of life, the evils of Posty and other such Dog Lore. 

The older girls drew straws who was going to be her playmate-prey/her nappy/her warmth at night/her allibi for bin-heists/her receptical for chucking up wrongly consumed items and her practice for biteplay. Kato couldn't have wished for three more attentive Mothers.

That was two years ago. The coffin-dodger Lindsay is happily still around, enjoying her impish senility. Kato is now officially "Da Top Bitch Innit" though her management style = puppyish chaos. 

From this - in hippys arms, aged 14 weeks -

to this - aged 2 years and 14 weeks - HAPPY GOTCHA DAY SWEETNESS - and no, a baby wouldn't have been a better idea!

Oh cute...we have had Meena three years and Barnum four years this time flies....
Two years already? Wow - many happy returns to Kato.

You around at the weekend?
Yes, we will all be in. I,ve had to send a note to Java's Staff Association Club that BackLeft is still a bit poorly. They are off to the top of Snowdonia this weekend. Us - probably won't get further than top of garden.
Awww! Happy Gotcha Day doggle :)

(I'll have to adopt gotcha day, don't know the actual birthdays of any of my creatures!)