Paw Prints On Your Collar, Told a Tail on You!

Bit worried one of our humans has got in a bad crowd. Stopped out all night and came back smelling funny, with tell-tail hairs on her clothes and small, wee scratchlets on her hands, definite odour of catnip and kitten foody. And now human wants to play Slippy Cat by lying on her side on the floor, trying to swipe anyone that walks past

"Awwww" said Kato "I Wanna Kitten Too!"
"Not Awwww" woofed Abe "Ewwww. Our human has gone over to the dark side. Oh, the shame. Cuteness will prevail. We must cute - like we have never cute-ed before"
"Could be worse" added a sombre Java "Could have been Squirrels"

Theres two cats in this picture - look carefully

Strange plant in boglin house

farleycat and pooka

Oh cute....anyway its important for young dogs to understand the responsibilty of pet ownership....Barnum has goldfish, but guess who has to feed and clean them out....he only likes doing the fun things like watching them when they are in a bucket....he has been after a pet pheasant for years.....
Jazz (the GSD) has Penny (the springer) a fluffy wind-up toy that runs and runs and runs. Jazz won't let anyone else play with Penny, although thankfully she has stopped picking her up by the scruff of the neck to stop any fun.

And yes Jazz won't have any thing to do with messy stuff, beneath her dignity. But she will set Penny on me to wake me up if I sleep late.....
I grew up in Ireland...we had 10 Springers...all in the house!!!! my poor mother was driven demented trying to keep the place clean....
10!!!!! Penny is black and white, well immediately after a shower she is, otherwise black and whatever colour the local mud is. Your poor mother.
Yes indeed mud coloured...filthy little can imagine with the rain we have over dad and grand dad used to take in wild, untrained and unwanted Springers and train or retrain them and re home them....or keep them...

I have German Shorthaired Pointers now...bliss...
Re: Penny the Springer
They look so sweet and one could suspect they are nutters in a cute suit
Ten.....TEN!.......must have been like living in a bouncy castle with all those Springers springing about....Penny sings for her supper very loudly but I assume thats just her and not all springers

Ten springers.....going to have a lie down, the very thought has exhausted me.
So you can see after that any dog is a nice relaxing we went for GSP's...even more demented than Springers...and twice the size..yipeee!!!!
And what they picture doesn't show is that the reason she is on that wall is so she can see and hear what our elderly neighbour is up to, remind e.n. of her existence and get first dibs on any leftovers e.n. might have had going. E.n is not daft and although she thinks Penny looks cute, she likes Jazz better, Jazz doesn't nip the grand-kids when they give her food.