kato age two

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hippy took Java vetwards this evening for annual vaccinations and to have Back Left inspected. Java was very polite with other dogs in the waiting room, doing full on snooting and tail wagging - including a pooch that looked like her Arch Enemy, That Abe. So its not bieng a  small, slightly overloved black & tan JRT crosses that turns her into a murderous, throat ripping psychopath then. 

Vet had a good fondle and just said carry on with the Metacam and Rest Up, no slippy dog and no 12 mile pub crawls. Go back in ten days if  no improvement. Java has also gone up to a Just Right 26kg - which pleases us as this time last year we were worried that she was getting too scrawny and the More Pies for Java campaign was launched.

Java likes the taste of Metacam so that bits easy - the No Slippy Dog bit is more challenging. Every time back door opens she wants to zoom off with Kato, do a few handbrake turns, wheel-skids, triple somersalts and comedy emergency stops that involve landing snooter first in the rose bushes. Java won't go for a wee in the garden on lead - finds it embaressing. The only way to ensure complete rest and low impact exercise would be to keep her in unitl she was absoultely bursting and as an extremely  housetrained dog she finds that too distressing.
Oooo...dont talk to me about flamin dogs and wee's...just let our two out for the morning loo break and brekkie...but it was raining ...so Meena scoffed her brekkie and ran back into the house up to the bedroom to have her loo break!!!!!
Penny has perfected the single look 'I know I asked, but you can't expect me to go out in _that_, make it stop, now! honestly you are useless' And then she sniffs and crosses her legs.
Jazz looks disgusted, but goes out anyway, after all you do get a nice cosy dry when you come in wet.