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Not The Only Gay in the Collective?

Regular readers will know that since the frosty Java came out as The Gay - our humans have been very supportive, relieved and understanding. Proud to have a gay dog.  Not a dog hating psycho afterall. Java has two girlfriends - Moss and Molly, who are both members of her Staff Association Club. Not sure what happens if both Molly and Moss turn up for Rambling. Gay Dog, Poly Dog..........

Kato has always been a bit loose innit, embaressing incidents at training class, a little excited Wee when spotting her latest beau (Oblong Ed, Helicopter Dog). Sassily lifting her tail and giving very sultry backwards glances to handsome dogs, with or without testicles. Getting off with Blade and Sxandor within nano-seconds of their visits......a full blooded Hot Bitch

So this came as a bit of a surprise. Is KaTo confused? Is this incest? Java helped raise the puplet Kato. Aunty JaJa.

Both sleeping, entwined, but woke with a start when the flash went off. Half expected a paw to come up  - "No Press!"

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Hehe, there is a 'shhhhh! Leave the talking to me..' paw-on-nose thing going on there! ;)