kato age two

Little Abe - In She Scrummy?

A big dog trapped in a little dogs body. Feisty, brave, daft, cute, adorable and canny.  Some sort of Jack Russell Terrorist mix.  Nine years old next month and some of flist were at her first birthday party.  Heres the mad little bundle today.

Christ! Don't do that to me before my first coffee in the morning! I saw the picture, read the first two lines, and thought something terrible had happened! This is what happens when you're only focusing on one word in three. But bless the little Abe! :)
I shall pop in to see her (and the others, and you) at some point this week as I have Boglin's key for you - give me a shout when would be good!
was abe's birthday the one where kat came in the giant taffeta skirt?

i think i have pics somewhere. must dig them out.

do really miss you, i must say.

you and zesty and louise and simon. the brum people who made me feel welcome. boglin i still see occasionally...

perhaps if time and money allow, i'll visit one day to catch up on 6 years of not living in brummieland?

were it not for your hospitality to a mere strange little marge after that nma gig in wolves i'd still be scared of dogs and never have had the chance to compare life in another city to london... or actually live in a house not a microflat!

i will find a weekend and an excuse to come, esp if you help give me one.

I think Abe's first birthday was the one where Scarybex had the big fluffy coat and frightened the Living Biscuits out of the Cute Baby Abe - huge fluffy monster coat spat out tiny little girl.

I think the big taffeta skirt incident was either her second birthday or possibly Simons birthday dinner party (at the table with cutlery and everything)

Why don't you come and stay for a weekend? Tho you may be v.bored. - But come when theres something t'gothic on for you to do - me and hippy don't leave the house that often, prefering the company of our plants, but we would be quite happy to collect you from places. I,m sure Simon would pop over for din-dins or even do the cooking :-) Be really nice for hatchet and blade to come along too -

You might be a bit nervous of Kato - she's a bit of a nervy thing herself and her bark is Large - but she's fine when she gets to know people.

My e-mail is now hattyATflootdotdemondotcodotuk

I often wonder about zesty too, and hope he is OK, he popped back onto LJ then disappeared again.

Heh - and recently I have got into Mesh in a big way (reckon its the menopause?) - and often think of you when I am playing their CDs.

Heh! I just noticed the handy form to fill out on your LJ with updated e-mail address etc.

The doglets require no cards or pressies though. They am spoilt. Our monthly Pets at Home bill is astronomic.
cruxshadows play edwards 8 on 1st december - are you guys around? where?

will e-mail you details and reply to rest of your post by e-mail later!
Can't see us going to the Cruxshadows - or Edwards for that matter - I,d rather get my feet stuck in teenage vomit....oh, hold on :-)

- but your welcome to stay here if you can get here - we're in Wolves. Which if its a 2/3am finish - we're a bit out of the way and not doable by public transport.
am hoping its regular gig hours or i can get a lift up, but my diary looks busy except that weekend & i want to see CX so would be ideal, if i have day off i could come round early if youre not @ work.

wasnt thinking you'd be up for the gig, but it co-incides with me saying i really should come round n visit.

never liked mesh, you know, whitby jo did, but i always thought they were a bit rubbish... too dull to look at and blandly semi depeche mode.

tho now even depeche mode are bland semi-depeche mode!!!! but they have better tattoos and clothes!