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Java came tripoding in from  pre-dinner Wee -  Back Left  has packed up. Not so poorly that Java couldn't eat her dinner but declined usual late night Slippy Dog game with Kato. Maybe its just a ruse to get a swig out of Lindsays Metacam stash.  Or the Little Dog Lost/Poorly Puppkins routine to get an extra treat from the Pets-At-Home Megga Barbecue Snack Box (two of your human pounds off - absolute bargain 7-99)  Java is now in Winterball but with Back Left sticking out in an obtuse fashion.

In other news - humans went to buy sofa's today - the house is now ready(ish) for soft furnishings. But humans forgot an integral factor of the purchasing process and neglected to take us doglets with them. Humans find this sort of mission nerve racking - two muddy hippys in plimsolls wandering around sparkly clean furnishings shop - leaving a trail of dog hair and compost. But to leave us doglets out of the Shopping Experience, well, on their snooters be it. Sales Boy was flummoxed at humans declining the Managers Special because it was made out of several dead cows and pondering whether four dogs, maybe five, would fit on sofa.

Factors to consider for Canine Feminist Collective Sofa purchasing. Abe likes to lie along the top of the sofa ala headrest (See! Abe has a use) Java and Kato like to stretch out betwixt humans and Lindsay not a sofa-dweller but likes to use the sofa as a head scratching post. Kato and Java/Abe use sofa's as obstacles/agility kit in variations of Slippy. 
Heres hippy looking like he just got Slippy Slammed by Kato, on one of the purchased sofas. Yes, its bright red.  (The other two are a more subtle shade of blue) Humans have some foolish notion that we can be taught not to mong on the best furnitures.  NIne weeks to delivery.  Like, whatever!

Notes to Self
Java has just gone to bed with a Metacam infused Bonio - just a small dose but she does seem in a fair bit of discomfort. Hope her social calender doesn't have to be cancelled, she really enjoys her 15k walks. Prozac for Canines is a good amble.
Hope she was OK today. This reminded me to ask how the (at one point) crusty snooter is?
Crusty snooter is no longer crusty - but very pink and lacking in blackness. Back Left is still afflicted - though she didn't decline a game of Slippy this evening and we had to intervene. Has made us consider what a bunch of geriatrics the Collective are, except Kato. So Dog Five (not that we will ever have a Fifth Dog ahem) will need to be a youngster to keep Kato happy in the Play Dept. Luckily Abe was up for a full-on game of Slippy to keep the Sweetness entertained.

When are you coming to visit again? We have another Mountain blouse for beardy one - ebay purchase arrived as 3XL - so beardy one inherits it.