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Kato was caught red-pawed with her snooter in the butter this evening and got herself Banished from the Pack. Exiled to the cold hall.  It was heartsnapping - Kato kept snooting sadly round the door, trying to make herself very small and slink back into the pack.  Trying to make eye contact with hippy who was ignoring her. Reaching out to gently paw him, to push her sad, dejected nose in his hand.  Those huge brown eyes surrounded by tear flecked lashes. So forlorn, a tiny lonely puppy left out in desolate cold. I swear I saw a tear rolling down that silky black snoot.

That Abe was watching this from the basket, her loyalties divided, but she eventually went and sat in exile too, comforting the Butter Thieving Kato.

"Your best bet Krappo" advised the wise Abe "Is to ignore them back. I give 'em ten minutes. I'll stake biscuits on it "

It was seven minutes.

And I swear Kato high-fived Abe as they squeezed contentedly betwixt the humans back on to the sofa.