Argh! I've Put Me Back Out!!

Its always the way when you are really looking forward to something - hatty leapt out of bed yesterday morning, felt something vile, tearing and wrenching. In severe paralysed agony for the rest of the day. And it wasn't our fault this time - even though Abe & I are doing our NVQ3 in tripping humans up & over, with our assessor Lindsay. So humans missed Inukshuk - were grumpy and sullen, not even amused by our comedy antics with wearing the ergonomic feeding device.

Reports in that Inukshuk had a disapointing turn out - which is sad, considering the effort and variety that goes in to it. Hope its not going to go the way of other club nights........
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Bugger. Hope hatty is feeling better soon. You'd better make sure she gets lots of licks.