Big Rotty Ass

Thinking of going away to Wales in September - taking Java and Kato. Finding a cottage that will allow two dogs is difficult - found one, but then it said no pitbulls or Rottweilers - Kato would have to leave her ass outside and just have the GSD front end inside.
Being an educational professional, I could always write Kato a reference...
Indeed. Though we can probably pass her off as an exceptionally black GSD/Collie until she does her big rotty grin :-)

I just sent you an e-mail btw.
We went to a fab but isolated cottage in Pemroke called Wood Cottage (On Quality cottages site) it allows dogs of any has a huge garden with apple trees a stream and no through moble coverage...bliss....its near the sea too...
Clearly they're not worth staying at anyway then. I am currently down South with my boy and he's ace. Still buggers of whenever he feels like it, but it's good to see him. Not sure how they can lump pitbulls and rotties in the same group anyway seeing as one's illegal and one isn't but hey.

I'm sure there was a web link (or maybe it was a book) with a listing of dog friendly b&bs. Might be worth searching amazon or google to see what turns up.
The Landmark Trust have around a dozen that take two dogs, varying locations from the middle of St Davids to remote valleys. What kind of place do you want?
Kato would have to leave her ass outside and just have the GSD front end inside

would that means she gets 'half-board'?!?
We stayed at Dumpledale with seven dogs in May, it was great! They also have a cottage and I think they are now renting the static caravan too. The owners are really lovely people and have six dogs themselves.