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Three weeks ago, Lindsay was prescribed Metcam to see if it helped her night-time restlessness. Don't think the Vet was hopeful - believing it to be indicative of her suffering from dementia. Lindsay has run out of Metcam and this her second night without it  her restlessness is evident and distressing for her and for us, she has spent the last hour shuffling away, doesn't want to lie down, or stand up, or sit.

Has now finally settled, exhausted.

hippy will pickup a prescription tomorrow.

Reminds me of a few years ago - looking after a rather astute 96 year old - whose 26  year old GP was worrying aloud about the ladies increasing reliance on diazepam (valium) to ease her back pain, for its risk of addiction.  "I don't think I,ll end up in Junky Rehab doctor" she smiled, obviously tickled at the very thought.
Awww, poor old Looby, give her a love from the Sheffield crew.

Penny wants to tell you all (while Jazz is ocupied elsewhere) that when the female human went to see her dad this weekend Jazz was a complete wuss. When the big hairy one went to bed Jazz sat by the front door and howled, the BHO had to go down and _make_ her come upstairs to bed. But don't tell her I told you.
Laughing at old (human) lady story. Sorry to hear about Lindsay but good if you have found something that helps her. Hugs to the old girl.