kato age two

Last Weekend - Java's Version

Glyn picked moi up at tea-time - lesiurely stroll in Perton woodlands and fields, dip in the canal and then home via pubs. Slept on Glyns bed - don't bother with my Sleeping Bag these days or eying him cautiously from the landing.
Saturday, steam training, swimming in the River Severn, bit fresher than the canal I swam in yesterday, dried out in the pub. Shared back seat of car with friendly Labrador called Molly. Didn't tear her face off- seemed a nice girl  -  had a gentle, polite game of Slippy, Slippy Croquet . Not the Kato Stylee Kamakarzee Slippy.  
Sunday went for dinner with in-laws - nice to meet humans who eat proper meat and are happy to share.  Returned home and enjoyed usual gobsmacked expressions on humans faces when Glyn re-tells how well behaved and well adjusted I am.  Kato reckons her weekend was Boot Camp and made Dog Borstal look like Butlins. She so exaggerates!