Laugh? We Nearly Mewed

We have updated our other website to include some really hot pictures of us in a threesome and all wet after the bath shennanigins. Not that Java does "wet" being so silky furred.


An ergonomic feeder has arrived for Old Dood Lindsay - not the sleek,contemporary, chrome versions as seen on Pet Planet - but some antique, bright green, clumsy hoop-la type design that cheapskate hippy got from a colleague. Java and I nearly mewed, we laughed so much. Lindsay didn't seem bothered at our snickers - and yeah, she seemed to enjoy her tea more. I had my after tea nap on top of Java's head - just to show no hard feelings for todays "misunderstanding"

Inukshuk tomorrow - good thing really - after the "Ow Much?" shocker of todays gas fire fitting quote, the conversations had turned to treadmills/dog power and other stupidness.

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Hurrah! I'll have to get some pics of Charlie and Hugo from college.
Aw bless them. The ones on the bed are *gorgeous*!