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The Disappeared Greyhounds - RIP

A short interlude from interesting Canine News while our hatty human spits some venom about the recent expose (confirmation) of what happens to all the greyhounds who don't get rehomed when their racing careers and money making potential is over.

I'm thinking of a mid-life career change - to Assassin. I,m a pretty shit aim so  will probably only manage to maim or disfigure. Being a pacifist is going to be a bit of a drawback to my new Career. But occaisionally I am reminded  that the human race has some very undesireable elements in the genepool. Therefore, David Smith of Seaham, County Durham will be done for free, as will his customer list. 

Such blatant disregard for life can not go unchallenged. Bolting a two year old greyhound in the head for not running fast enough is akin to shooting a lame child.  Whenever humans meddle with animals for "sport" it always turns ugly and sour. Dogs race and wrestle each other for fun, playful exhilaration, it doesn't matter who wins, it really is the taking part. Watching Little Abe play with the Goliath Kato - its the game and the play that are important. No betting, no being destroyed for not being fast enough, pack ranking might be determined by these games but its a very safe & fun way of sorting out politics. Imagine workplace politics being sorted out with a quick game of TiddlyWinks or Musical Chairs. We could learn so much.  

I knew about the disappeared greyhounds, but there was no real proof. Hopefully the Sunday Times article will bring a lot more people to awareness. I have never met anyone who goes to Greyhound Racing, or admits to it.  Bit like voting Tory or BNP I guess. A sordid secret full of shame and vile filth.  One day greyhound racing will be looked back on for the barbaric uncivalised disgrace that it is - and greyhounds can get on with just being pets and companions. And they do make beautifully loyal, funny and inteligent companions. See scarybex and lakers_amy journal for proof . But settling them in wasn't easy - after a life on the track and living in kennels. But at least thats three who have excaped the callous bolt-gun execution.


This was shown on the news last night....the man at the center of the horros denies any wrong doing....and the journalist covering the story noted that no laws had been broken.....

Im sorry to say but I suspect this is only the thin end of a very fat wedge......
I think its legal for anyone to shoot their cat or dog..as pets they are considered chattles...or property....its only animals that might get into the food chain people worry about