Raspberries.....not the Comedy Noise type...

Just picked these from the garden 

Any suggestions what to do with them - hippy doesn't like raspberries, I,m not keen on milky puddings and Kato & Abe have eaten plenty already.  Found one recipe on BBC website for a dairy free pudding  - but it was actually a sandwich  - line bowl with bread, warm up fruit, chuck  fruit on bread, top with another slice of bread, put heavy weight on top and refridgerate. Blimmin celebrity chefs.

Mmmmm, they look yummy. The only thing i miss about leaving home is a garden to grow things in.
When i visit mums we normally just have them with ice-cream. My nan mixes them with apples in pies and crumbles.
Pharaoh the Phabulous
I'm with the Smoothie too.
You should butter the bread - I reckon that'd help a bit too. I can't imagine a pudding like that without cream or custard though.......yummy!
Proper Summer Pudding made with good bread _is_ good, it all gels together in the oddest way, as if you'd put jelly in it, but without any. And much nicer. I will make you some and you _will_ like it mwhahahaha....:)

And raspberry sandwiches are good too, as are smoothie type things, but in the absence of a whizzer a bit difficult, the sauce would be easier and would be a couli if you wanted to be cheffy.

The big hairy one likes them on muesli or other cereal, like the 'serving suggestion' off the packet when we were kids, I think it gives him a sense of having 'made it'.

From that picture you may be picking a little early, the fruit should come away easily, leaving the stalk and core still attached to the cane.
Had we known your dilemma you could have run a Summer Pudding workshop at t'weekend and I'd have gladly eaten it :-)