kato age two

Does Abe Take it Up the A*se?

Little Abe went for a routine check-up on Thursday.  Since we made the decision not to challenge her allergic sensitivitys and immune system by having her vaccinated, we have to remember to take her in at least annually for a check-up.  We booked her in with Vet Catherine. 
Abe usually plays up like a Right Baddun in the vets, but was remarkably calm. Sat in the waiting room with Hippy quite peacefully.  Enjoyed the car journey and just looked out of the window, not the usual SqueakFest. 

Vet Catherine is a bit of a hippy, a bit into her homeopathy and alternative medicines but very understanding.  As owners of two bitches who want to kill each other, she understands that the idea of rehoming or Putting To Sleep is out of the question. Catherine reccomended the Dap Diffuser to try and calm the Jihad between Abe and Java (didn't work but its the thought that counts)  Nor would she try to talk us into risking Abe having a vaccination, dangle a crystal over Abes Feng Shui-ed basket maybe.......

Anyway, Abe is in good health, fatty lump on chest is nowt, just keep an eye on it. Heart murmur hasn't changed and is still feint. Student Vet couldn't find it, though in fairness, Abe was now wriggling like a bag of KY loobed worms.

However, Abes anal glands were impacted.........and thats when it all went a bit pervy...........and it took many hands to keep the Startled Abe on the table. For those who don't know, dogs have anal glands that can fill up with stuff and cause irritation, and will scoot on their bum, Abe does this on gravel (Ouch!) The treatment is a finger up t'bum to apply pressure and empty the glands - its a very smelly procedure - and the Vet and Student Vets "Awwwws" to the Cute Baby Abe turned to "Ewwwwwws!" 

Penny sends deepest sympathy, and says that although she'd never admit it to them, it does feel better after doesn't it?
Poor Abe! :(

Were you still wanting to do the 'Abe & Java meeting in the park' thing at some point btw?
Ah - I remember that anal gland squeezing thing - our dog had that at one time too, much to her consternation (and ours!) I hope Abe has recovered from the ordeal!