kato age two

Stop Messin Abaht

LIndsay account of her adventure today -

Put on Lead - Kato baying and howling cos not going in car - Vets - waiting room - puppys - Mmmmm puppys - come to Looby my lovelys - Young Man - snooty snooty testicles snooty -  Am Canine Father Jack! - Puppys! Drink! - hippy apologising to precious puppy owners  - 

Vet - Gay Austrailian - snooty snooty testi.... - hippy embaressed - romping round examination room like 8 month puppy (me not hippy) - fall off table - dye in eye - fondled by vet - vet being a very cheeky boy indeed - Stop Messin Abaht - turn into Canine Kenneth Williams - Oooh Matron - attempt PlayBow on examination table but Back Axle gives out and I slide off again  -  bag of drugs - going to fence drugs to Kato - answers to questions to determine senility are all Yes - but answers to questions such as "Do I bark inappropriately" "Do I do odd stuff" "Do I mistake household objects for loved ones?" have always been yes. 

Heres me this evening - 15 years young, content and happy - got ten days of eye stuff for my weepy Right Eye, Metcam to see if it helps my night-time restlessness or whether I am just being my usual eccentric self. Can't have muscle building steroids due to epilepsy meds - shame - was hoping to surprise everyone by  lamping  Krappo one.  Vet nor I worried about my back axle packing up every now and then, nor my inability to get upstairs. Rather like being carried - and, no it wouldn't be more sensible to sleep downstairs. I bark & boof until the lift arrives.