kato age two

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Java spent the day running / jumping / swimming 13 miles in the Peaks, Factor 45 did the trick, no scarlet snooter.  Prsonal dogsitter did say she still pulled for every yard of the 13 miles - going to try a canny collar as belladonna_9 seems to be having some success with Barnum, who is probably stronger and more determined than Java. 

hippy picked the brown scale off the japanese acer - Ewwwwwww. 

Abe and Lindsay spent the day basking and avoiding  Comedy Hosepipe shennanigens from humans. 

Kato, couldn't wait for her paddling pool to be put up. Wondered if being all grown up now and in Management, she wouldn't be interested...........



Theres  a very nearly a Dog Sprays Man in Hosepipe Revenge incident in one of the above filums.