kato age two

That Friday Feeling........

Java's going on a 12 mile walk in the Peak District on Saturday with her Personal DogSitter and College Staff Association (even hippys not a member of staff association and he works there!). 

So, 12 miles,  to prevent Back Left packing up - Java has started on her metacam this evening and will have a swig out of the bottle every night till Monday. Metacam is like ibuprofen but for dogs.

What the bark is in this stuff? Java is now playing Indoor Slippy with Kato, and giving the Arrogant Half-Rott Bass a sound thrashing! Java doesn't usually do much after 11pm. Has been in headbutting chirpy mood and wanting upside down tummy rubs. Perhaps having the metacam she associates with an impending holiday. Clever. Pavlov was so right.

Though we are not mentioning that we have to pack Factor 45 sun cream in her rucksack as she has some very bald bits being mid-moult at the moment.  Hope the smell and bald bits don't put her........ahem........*friend * Moss off (still coming to terms with having a gay dog.......well, with the Ice Queen Java  actually liking other dogs)