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Just watched that program on BBC2 about the woman who talks to cows. An interesting portrayal of autism/aspergers but there were a couple of points I found bewildering. 

1. Lying down in the cow field - haven't we all played that game as children?  Its just Chicken but with cows. Of course they come over eventually, if you don't move.  No moving until your really scared they are about to trample. Some of my best bruises as a ten year old were from Cow Game. It was some years before I really made the MacD burger slaughter connection to the gentle nosing creatures nibbling at my Donny Osmond Cap.
2. The womans celebrity seemed to be based on her ability to advise meat sellers on how to reduce the stress in murdering the cows.  So the murdering meat sellers don't get upset by Moo Cow being hesitant at going in the Killing Shed. She may have understood the cows, but she had no empathy with their plight, but hey, she has Aspergers, so thats expected. Watching her sign autographs of grateful, admiring cow murderers - was like watching the designer of gas chambers signing for Nazis.

There was one of those things at the end of the program "if have been affected by the issues in this program ring this number" - but I don't think they meant my issues.........

Best leave this LJ to Canine Ramblings - otherwise it gets a bit maudlin.

There is an afflicted tree post on its way though.........


But on a practical note, ideal though it would be, noone's going to stop slaughtering cows, so anything that is done to improve 'welfare' (such a *dirty* word) is a good thing, I reckon.
Your right - and I,m a hypocrite because I still have cheese and milk in things.

I must ask my Sikh Residents how they get on in India, many of their families keep a cow or two, but would never kill a cow for food or shoes, but they do have milk and cheese, and therefore must be having a calf each season.