kato paw

The Birds!

It was like a scene from Hitchcocks "The Birds". Kato in near successful pursuit of a fledgling - with parents of small fluffy ,divebombing and swooping at Kato. Kato was oblivious to the adult birds, just wanted to examine the small birdy. Eventually Kato cornered it , exhausted wee thing, under a bush. Humans had arrived in response to the angry bird noises and Kato did an excellent, Olympic Gold Standard "Leave It!" 

"LEAVE IT!!"  was how it actually came out and the whole of Wolverhampton stepped back from whatever they were doing and went briefly into a Sit Stay. Kato does not seem to have any desire to hurt, maim or kill - it seems to be just curiosity, but try telling the bird that. kato had caught the bird a couple of times in her mouth but there wasn't a mark on him. The angry swooping by Birdys parents was something I haven't really seen close up before. They were very upset.

Little birdy was rescued and put into a small laundry basket which we them put high up a tree. next doors garden is cat territory so it seemed safer to do this. Birdys parents were nearby watching us. It was possiby a Blackbird or Song Thrush looking at his Mum. We hope he can fly enough to get back to his nest when he has got his breath back - but in reality, he will probably pass away but at least not in the curious jaws of Kato, or worse, Abe or Java, who seem to have more of a hunt/kill instinct.

We seem to have more birds than ever before, this is the fifth incident with Kato. Yes, we have a bird table and seed/nut thingys but I suspect our garden trees are very des-res for birds. Birds were here long before we got bird table.

A very poor, blurred photo of Kato's nearly pet birdy

Aw no - unfortunately things like that will happen - even though I will happily boot any unfortunate cats that happen to stray into my bird-heavy garden straight out if I happen to spot them!! (I'm very popular with the cat owners round here!!)

And I'm sorry to go off topic here, but is balsall_heathan ok? I note that he's deleted his journal and I wanted to make sure he was alright!
Its a cat free zone here, except the ones who mince along the fence mooning and snickering at the doglets.

Yeah, I wondered too, got a txt from him - he's trying to spend less time on line and do like real-life stuff
Damn good work, those doglets! I need something to chase the buggers away from my place!

Real life?!? What's that?! Actually that's a damn good move on his part - shame he deleted his journal altogether!! Send him my best and thanks for letting me know!!
Its probably a Black Bird, they nest very low down and the babies leave the nest and hide in the undergrowth from a very early age....the mortality rate is high in urban areas....
And five of those deaths have been in this garden alone :-(

Not Kato, she only catches them when they are exhausted and vulnerable. Not a mark on them from her Jaws!!