kato age two


Once upon a time, Abe and Java got along just dandy. Just the Odd Spat and Grumbly Cursing Punch-Up which was stopped dead in its tracks with an "OY!" from balsall_heathan or myself. Two evenly matched bitches isn't the best combination for pack harmony, but they played and slept together (see icon), could eat their meals in the same room, and even the odd argument didn't draw blood.  Java came with psychological baggage and has done well to overcome it, yet she has never licked a human, her affection is clumsy and she can be distant.  Abe is used to being the Cute Puppy, the centre of attention, she came into the collective at 5 weeks old, not weaned and was weaned by me and Hatty (capital and canine)

Fast forward a couple of years, new house, new puppy and the dissent that had been simmering, found us repeatedly up the vets with various injuries. This is bitch aggression, no warning, no male posturing and posing, just straight in for the kill, its to the death and these cute cuddly dogkins turn into rabid, uncontrollable demons, oozing hatred. 

Rehoming was never really an option though we came close. balsall_heathanwould have taken Java rather than see her rehomed to somewhere strange. But the situation is so heartbreakingly sad - a funny game in the garden and one of A or J is not there to enjoy the laughs.

 We don't have children, have good dogsitters, have the time, space and committment to live this way. Abe and Java have not been in the same room for over 18 months. They know the other is there, they sleep in the same baskets (in shifts), share the same bones and hear each other. Kato must think its one dog who changes her coat several times per day. Kato gets on well with both - more boistrous play with Java, she wouldn't dare be rough with Abe.

HOWEVER! Pack dynamics are changing. Today Java was out in the garden and Abe was yapping from the windowsill of the spare bedroom. Java looked up, wagging, squinted as if working out who it was, and didn't tense up, carried on wagging and staring, backing away, to get a better view, it seemed friendly and inviting, not quite a playbow but nearly. And Kato, is becoming more of a TOp Dog each day and she hates conflict or violence. Our hope is Kato would not allow any fighting - and both A&J would respect her Top Dogness decision.

So we do wonder if its time to attempt a re-introduction. I am central to the jealousy between them. So we wondered if the first meeting should be with  eddy_ with Abe, (eddy being Abes most favourite person in the world) and Glyn (Javas personal dogsitter) or balsall_heathan with Java. Though balsalls relationship with Abe is close and perhaps will create a similar agenda of jealousy and competition. Meeting on neutral territory, on leads, just to guage the reaction. Perhaps I should appear with Kato on a lead - but one paw at a time.  

I just long to have all four of my dogs bunched up around us on the sofa.
Would love to help if I can. It'd be wonderful to see A & J getting on again.

Am free Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week if that's any help?
We need to synchronise watches with Glyn (Java's personal dogsitter) and weekends are probably best for him. I,m working all those days anyway - heh, care work eh?

Do you know when your weekends off are and do you get your rota a few weeks in advance?

It might be quite traumatic - its so ugly when they get nasty, and seems so out of character for both. But both will be on harness and collars so easy to control. And hopefully it will be calm and happy. Probably best I & Simon keep out of the way on the first meeting, Java's jealousy seems mainly focussed around us two. I think hippy can observe from a distance as they see him as Lindsay and Kato's human.

I,ll get some dates from Glyn.......crikey....I,m nervous just thinking about it.

But see icon - one of the rare photos of all four together.
I have been wondering, reading your descriptions of Java off on her weekend hikes what would happen if she met Abe on one of them. I have been on a couple of TTouch courses recently which might help Java as it is about releasing tension in the body to affect behaviour.
Re: P_t_P
Thats a really good idea - getting Java and Abe to meet up, when Java is all loved up! Perhaps at the end of the walk when there are no other dogs present.

I think Java might benefit from TT0uch - we are also hoping that cutietroll can stop off here on his way back darn sarf some time, to do some clicker training with me and hippy.