kato age two

Its Anarchy Jim, But Not As We Know It.....

Since the Sweetness went into Management, as Top Dog here at Canine Feminist Central, its all a bit chaos and disorder.  Kato's management style is the canine version of icecream and fries for every meal, cartoons on TV all day, never washing behind your ears and staying up past bedtime, everynight.  

Though her Lower Ranking Pack Members aka "The Collective" don't exactly inspire dynamism. Lindsay The Pensioner, is enjoying her bimbling retirement, bumping into stuff has never been so much fun.  Java is so chilled and laid back these days,  we reckon its not a Tripe Stick in her mouth its an immense Spliff.  Abe, is ever the feisty rebel, the Che Gurvara of Dog Politics,  a beret wearing Mini Canine Terrorist but quite happy to load the gun and let the Sweetness fire the bullets.

Kato has radical policies, very different to the Lindsay Dynasty, the Java Regime - Kato reckons Fallen Fledglings must be carried carefully inside and gently nursed, Boy Dogs are So the Coooleeeeezzzzz and You Know, Posty might actually be a Nice Bloke.

But Kato's publicists&PR perhaps let her down. Some shifty types from the Water Board came round the other day, some odd story about checking the drains in the road and in our gardens.  Kato was banging on the window "Coo Eeee" and smiling her best big toothy smile.

 "Is It Friendly?" asked the Water Board Shifty.


 "No" I said "Not Really" A fairy died at the bottom of the garden

"Can it get out" said the Water Board Shifty nervously

"Yes, if I call her" 

Several fairys met their maker as Kato has never mastered opening the door, her enthusiastic flinging either slams it shut or just leaves a dog shaped hole in the brickwork.

And as I went inside to turn on a tap/flush the loo.  I found myself saying loudly "Get Back Satan Fang, Not To Kill People, Theres a Good Satan Fang"