kato age two

Accidental Avian Terrorist

The Sweetness has recently become an Acciidental Avian Terrorist - two dead birds have now been deposited in the kitchen (though we are glowing with smug pride at her excellent "Leave It") The New Top Dog not longing to tear it Wing-from-Wing but an emotional bereft tear in her eye that Ickle Birdy didn't want to play no more, the gentlest rummage to see if the batteries need changing.  Did they die of shock when Kato rushed to give them first aid or were they already dead?

How Abe scorns - Abe would have left a feathery bloodbath and worn the maggots as earrings. Java would have hidden the festering entrails of her quarry in the humans bed. Even the Old Dudess would have trodden on the crispy corpse and got an intestine caught in her fur or between her teeth. Not the Caring, Sensitive Sweetness - this is the new face of New Canine Feminist Collective.   A third fledgling was found dying in the back garden with The Sweetness not baying for blood, but calling for a Vet. "Poor little mite" she meeped "Nurse!"

Call us paranoid - but


does advise that three dead garden birds and we should contact them. Except that we haven't kept the corpses - just wheelybinned them with dignity.
I think quite a few fledgemings just die for one reason or another.
Whoops. Fledglings. Baby birds. And they also die of shock very easily if they are scared. We had two die last year after Willow found them and brought them in without damaging them at all. They just can't cope with it.