kato age two

Its Tough at The Top

Kato is officially Top Dog in the Canine Feminist Collective. Lindsays enjoying her retirement, a bimbling, drooling old Pensioner who sticks her snooter up Young Boy Pups bottoms at the vets and helps herself to other dogs biscuits, claiming senility and poor eyesight.  Java's very chilled about it all, a life of relaxation in exchange for a few minutes of being turned upside down and being beaten at Slippy Dog. Little Abe, ever the rebellious insurgent, isn't impressed with the new management structure here at CFC and does the canine equivelent of giving Kato the finger.  Abe refuses to be beaten at Slippy Dog - and gives the Three-Times-Bigger Top Dog a sharp "play bite" nip in the snooter to prove her point.

This is very confusing for the New Leader, who is trying to tame the backchatting Lower Ranking Pack Member.  Demanding that Abe respect her authority. Kato does proud tail high "I,m Hard Me" Top Dog poses and  Abe split her sides laughing. Occaisionally Kato does a symbolic play bite gesture towards Abe. Little Abe just turns away but theres a half bark/half cough that sounds like BarkStard. Kato just can't quite bring herself to turn the Insurgent Abe upside down and give her a sound thrashing.