kato age two

Kato is a cAt

Our weekend was mostly spent watching the humans do garden & house & Oblivion things, - though yesterday  sheff_dogs visited to rehome Old Passat as New Passat should move in on Wednesday.  
boglin visited us today and was made to helped re-pot many tomatos, and has taken away 6 tomato projects for lupercal to look after.  

Both visitors unphased by being snogged with tongues by an over enthusiastic, heavy rotty/gsd which is good for Kato. Many humans nervously back away from her.  Meant to take a photo of Kato on boglin lap - to compare with the photo taken on Kato's first few minutes in the Collective - next time.......

This  evening - Kato was lying on the gravel, intently but gently nibbling on something - her recall is pretty good so whatever was keeping her busy must  be pretty HIgh Value. 

Kato had a dead bird and was dismantling it.  A small bird with some greenish feathers, it didn't look very old. Like a blue tit but green. Perhaps it was an exhausted fledgling, we doubt very much the Sweetness caught it, unless it was already disabled in some way. Her intention was not to eat it or hurt it, just to see how it worked.  It was freshly dead but not mangled so Kato hadn't killed it with her Big Wolfy Teeth.  Even when she has caught moths or spiders, she is actually quite gentle, not at all aggressive, just curious but with her huge Flip Flop paws, somewhat clumsy.  

That *face* though! How could anyone be scared of that face!
With those quizzical little eyebrows, and she gives such gentle kisses.

Jazz (GSD) can give gentle kisses, but usually decides that what me and the big hairy one need is a good vigorous washing. You have to scrunch your eyes tight shut or she'll have them out your head in one swipe of the tongue.