kato age two

Here In My Car I Feel Safest of All

hippy purchased a new car(as in not as old as t'other) and was due to collect today. But the garage decided they couldn't sell the car to hippy after all, declaring it not worthy and a sully to their reputation if hippy were to drive away in it. So no car, and garage in possession of much of hippys gold pieces and hippy insured for a car he will never see, let alone drive.

But all is not lost - we have a courtesy car, a shiny Golf, it has remote controls on the back seat just begging to be sat on, headphones to chew, seats without a strand of moulted fur and tellys in the back for us doglets to lick. Though humans have informed us, we won't be putting one paw in said vehicle. Hrumph! We are distraught! This kind of distress makes it so hard to be housetrained.....if you know what we're saying!

In Builder news - the stair stick things (spindles?) have been replaced and should prevent the heaviest drunk from a nasty accident. Spench ceiling has been ripped down, ready to be replaced. Bathroom door is now on for those of you shy'uns.
Glad to hear the Old Dudess is no longer in danger of involuntary flying lessons. And about the bathroom door, much as I love Kato I don't want to have a discussion about the meaning of life when I'm doing my business. ;)