Dirty Bitch and Fish

Today we said goodbye to Eddy Stobart, our last remaining fishy. Eddy Stobart has gone to fishy heaven, which, surprisingly  is in Blackburn. Eddy has gone to live with a fishy harem in a proper looked after pond where it doesn't rain GSD/Rotty crosses. balsall_heathan and hippy successfully caught Eddy Stobart and packed him safely into a bag and sandwich box. Two hours later he was floating around in his bag getting used to the chilly northern pond  and eyeing up the aquatic Northern Fosh Lasses.  balsall_heathan did express a concern that t'Northern Fish might snicker at Eddy Stobarts Wolves accent. But being named after a lorry company should impress t' Fish lads down the Pond Pub.

Java spent the weekend with her Personal Dogsitter - a brief 12 mile jaunt with the Wolverhampton College Staff Association and a night of pints & Scratchings in her local. Heh!   Abe and Lindsay wisely kept out of the way of the Goings On down Pondville - 

Kato, on the other paw..........

She may be two years old now, but she still looks like Big Daft Puppy.  Kato pushed to the front to greet balsall_heathan a big clumsy hug with free mud! Theres a picture in this months Dogs Today of a GSD/Rotty cross that looks just like Kato. In she scrummy?

Note to self: you own a pair of brown combats, so don't go round to chez doglets in your best work jeans the day after wash day.
If I didn't have to head out to work I could look at those pictures all day. Aw....
Ah yes the muddy tongue look....owning two gun dog type breeds.....Im no stranger to mud covered clothing....
Penny says 'you are putting the secret lessons to good use Little, I mean, Young One; your good looks permit you to practise the ancient art of swamp wrangling with out too much interference, let no opportunity to improve your skills escape you.'