kato age two

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Not a referance to the mash-up breed dog that is the wierdy Java but to the fact that
hatty human hasn't got dressed since sunday morning after trying to get in bed with anorak, hat & scarf on - the excuse being "mon'ollidayrestin" - this is a serious state of affairs as the Temple of Food is empty, so wet noses on warm backs of knees are called for.

Updating our website - we want to put piccys of Gothic Dogsitters Inc up - so need either photo's of eddy, audrey, boglin, andy..........or their chosen beer icon. And we really have to learn to put these lj tags for our friends.....all in good time.
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Doing anything tomorrow? I'm considering taking a day off as I'm ill and the doctor won;t give me any antibiotics, so I think I could do with a bit of a rest. You're welcome to come over if you want.
college in wolves in the morning - I could venture over late afternoon/early evening. I will text you to see how your feeling. Or Friday - if your still off work.