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In a far more interesting and non-friends-only news item from Canine Feminist Collective HQ - we noted this evening that Java is getting quite grey. Not in a dirty white fur way, but a mature, ageing, pensioner type way. Even her private girls area has a snowfall of silver fur - (we're not perves - dogs don't wear pants). Perhaps Java is older than we think, but she did seem to grow when we first rescued her, perhaps it was just the being fed and wanted that filled her out.

Little Abe obviously has an elderly Little Abe painting ageing away in a hidden attic basket. Abe will be 9 in September but the Little Fella(ess) can certainly outwit and outpuppy the puppster Kato.

Neither are catching up with the old dudess Looby, but not in their first Kato's of life either.

Java spent her weekend with her Personal Dogsitter in Bridgnorth, to the launderette, doing some shopping, many walks and a relaxed night in the pub,happily socialising and munching on pork scratchings. On Saturday morning, seeing all the signs of a weekend away, best harness and bling, overnight bag being packed, bed being rolled up, Java turned into a Bendy, Flippy, Flat - a 4 month old pup, doing forward rolls and flipping onto her back in utter canine joy.
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Maybe she's just one of those people (so to speak!) that goes grey a bit prematurely!!