kato age two

After the Flood

Our new Karzee was the cause of jubilant celebration, like coming home after a festy, indoor, plumbed-in, flushing toilets are just so homely. The bathroom is nowhere near finished, and not as finished as The Silent Order of Builders led us to believe. Human had a bath, which went well, until it was time to pull the plug. water cascaded into the room below.  Lucky we are replacing that ceiling anyway. Most of today was spent drying out the spench, having a bit of a tidy, planting some potatoes in tubs and having a cookery demostration by balsall_heathan Seems a bit impertinent to invite someone for dinner, then watch them make it. The mysterious secrets of unlumpy sauce were revealed and how to roughly chop garlic without bloodshed or digit loss. Very enjoyable and most delicious.

And Kato was completly at ease with balsall_heathan which was reassuring, even dropping off to sleep during the cooking demo.  The rest of the doglets were equally pleased to see him. Kato pushed her way to the front of the queue of dogs to get the best fuss.

While we were tidying the spench we found a ton of cat food (from Lilo's estate) and a small cat bowl - Kato took this up the garden to inspect in great detail and was somewhat miffed when hippy took it away from her. We think she would love a kitten but Abe and Java would never cope. Just a couple of weeks left of growing time for Kato, then she will be two and officially a young adult. Just seems so puppyish at times, probably because she lives with such older dogs.