kato age two

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Prospective visitors to Canine Central HQ will be relieved (ha!) to learn that Toilet is Installed, I repeat, Toilet is Installed. It was becoming a desperate situation as Outside Loo of Doom was becoming.......tired. It hadn't been used for at least two years, seemed to be getting blocked. Haven't seen the Japanese Knotweed yet this year....maybe its trying a stealthier approach.

So, our shiny new Karzee is ready for lift off. Though we won't allow anyone to stand on the new oak floor, so using it could be, tricky.

Spent the day gardening, and discovering that you can't buy tiles in certain giant tile shops at Easter. Surrounded by boxes of tiles, we said "Want That One" and were told they could be ordered. Our Silent Order of Builders were sat in Extra Deep Silence awaiting tiles - so we asked "Do you have any tiles at all that we could take away today" We were in a warehouse stacked ceiling high with tiles "No, not at Easter, thats how it is" "Can we have these, theres at least 40 boxes and we only want 10 boxes" But apparently The Lord didn't die on the cross just so we could have 10 poxy boxes of Subtle Italian Faux Marble in Delicate Leaf Shade 0045A tiles whenever we chose.

Wickes saved the day, the managers special none the less.