Kato and Java at Seaside 2

A few more pics from K&Js seaside trip - so where is the nearest seaside to Wolves/Brum?  Tho probably not do-able in a day without getting a dogsitter for A&L for a toilet break. Abe would probably like the seaside but hate the journey there. The last picture shows Java absolutely off-lead - the 30 foot trainer lead is in the sea with no human attached. Java's been in a superb mood since we came back, initiating very playful Slippy Dog with the Sweetness, even flinging Abe's Jelly Fish Toy around, then rolling on her back laughing her paws off.

Wales would be my coast of choice - but I don't think we could do it in the 6 hour window of Abe and Lindsays bladder requirements. Will see if either Gothic Dogsitters or simon is available to pop in sometime.