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Java and Kato go to the Seaside

The Collective had two missions this weekend. Abe and Lindsay opted for looking after eddy_  of Gothic Dogsitters Inc. for the weekend, which involved giving him lots of wet nosed affection, chasing him round the garden to burn off the cider & pizza and keeping him amused with the X-Box and Black Books.  Abe&Lindsay reckon the mission  went smoothly.

Meanwhile Java and Kato undertook North Wales Coast Mission. It was Kato's first time having a sleepover anywhere strange since joining the Collective, she didn't sleep a wink, so neither did anyone else. Kato even woke a tolerant Java up, to get her to rouse the humans. So that was hatty,hippy,Java and Kato squashed into a 3/4 bed even though there was perfectly adequate dogbeds on the bedroom floor. Kato has also decided that socialisation is for jessys and grumbled at any male persons in hattys family and shouting at any passing dogs "Yer Welsh Tw*t - d'yer want some?" . Its not aggressive - with male humans its more a nervy shyness and with other dogs its calling out to them to play. But to the recipient of this nervous rumbling it must be quite un-nerving. Java however was the perfect guest and holiday companion.

Trip included nearly getting blown off the top of the Great Orme in Llandudno, admiring the wind farm just off Prestatyn, chips and Bonios in the pissing rain in Conway and finally Rhyl, with the tide out, and the sun with its hat on. Two humans and two dogs running along a deserted beach. Java was on a 30 foot trainer lead - but hatty human tripped over, dropped the lead and Java was suddenly a speck on the horizon. As she clutched her bleeding knee all hatty human could mutter through the heart in her mouth was "Me Dog, Hippy, Save me Dog" But, Java wasn't running away, she was just running, because we had all been running. As soon as Java realised that she was alone, she stopped and ran back to us. Gave her a foody reward and nervously set her to run free again, otherwise being recalled would have been a punishment. The reward was a food treat, a fuss and off to run again. Kept the training lead on though - which gives a bit more to grab if her recall failed. But it didn't fail - she came back everytime she was called.

It was a beautiful thing, Java and Kato splashing in the sea, playing Sandy Splishy Splashy Slippy Dog. Java didn't get as wet as Kato, both really enjoyed their saturated canineselves.  And both slept like dog-logs - and are still sleeping now.  

Our day at the Seaside

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yeah, it was wonderful, Java just enjoying herself and being recalled beautifully, though I had a very heart in mouth panic moment when I lost my grip on the (30 foot) lead - wonder if she is ready to make friends with That Jazz and Penny.......I think she might be fine if she met them anywhere but on her territory now that That Abe is out of her equation. What do you think?