Accidental Munters

humans spent early saturday evening as extra's on the set of wolverhampton version of South Park - a friends firework party, lots of little doods running round in slipknott baggy jeans & hoodies - even a little Kenny who was venturing nearer and nearer to the explosions. Sad tho how "Your like really so Gay" has become a common place insult amongst kids.

humans decided to go for a quiet "one pint only" of delicious kronenbourg at radius but somehow managed to end up at Subway and stumbled in at 6-30. We doglets were then shown pictures of DJ Macks dog to drool over. A weinmarner. That big nose is a bit Javaesque - another breed to add to the complex recipe that is mongo Java. hatty just spent two hours trying to upload Jaspers piccy to our website, and made a complete cats ass of it.

Inukshuk this friday - yippee. Choco biccys in triplicate!!
Gothic Dogsitters Inc. have booked us in for the December Zogg weekend - yahoo
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