kato age two

Java and the Stolen Hour

Humans spent the day cursing about a Stolen Hour. But for us doglets - we got dinner an hour early, so can't see what all the cursing was about.

The Jet-Setting Socialite Java spent her weekend looking for the Stolen Hour with her Personal Dogsitter. A brief eight mile walk from village to village via a steep high up place where the humans in her party took many pictures of the view. Java just yawned and found some mud to roll in. Bit of a paddle/swim in some streams. Bit of a sleep in some sleepy village pubs. Followed that up with a mooch around Bridgnorth market and some picture framing shops. Behaved impeccably as ever. Personal Dogsitter still bemused by the shocked expressions on regular humans faces, "Java?! Swimming? Nah. She reckons she was pushed!"

Java is so different, certainly happier, since she got her Personal Dogsitter, happily relinquished her crown as Top Fighty Dog to Kato, though she is still in charge of guarding the house and flatdogging - its probably a combination of the exercise, the one-to-one and the time away from Kato's energy.

It gives us hope that maybe things can now be resolved between Java and Abe. Kato won't like Java fighting Abe, and is perhaps adult enough to work it out, that she, (Kato) can put a stop to it, now she is Top Fighty Dog. Its the humans who have to get confident enough to try it out. Kato however, is a bit of a girly wuss and dislikes violence and conflict. No first person shooters for Kato, more an RPG dog who would use magic, persuasion and Spells of Cuteness to get her own way rather than Fisty Cuffs.