kato age two

The Mungry Dance

Read through some live journals today and noticed some LJers describe every morsel they consume, inventorys of fridge contents and how hungry (we understand that one - we're always hungry)
So for the record - we have a Bonio for breakfast (chicken / lamb&rice flavour - Original are so passe) for dinner we have 1x400g supermarket brand can with varying amounts of mixer per dog. Humans tried to cut beef out of our diet cos of mad cow disease (Lindsay may be a lost cause there) but gave up. We don't have expensive dog food cos Abe does orange runny poo. We get little biscuits or Frolic hoop thingys for doing random cute stuff. Abe of Pies gets more celery/carrots as she is watching her figure. We get tinned sardines in oil twice a week to keep our coats all shiny. hatty read once that tomatoe sauce would stop our urine burning the lawn - that was good while she was fooled. Then a bedtime snack of 1 Bonio or some little biscuits.

So, unless we get something really brilliant we won't be describing our cuisine on a daily basis.

However should you ever dogsit for us - pizza, Mars bars, kebabs and cocoa are fine. Living with veggies is a bit naff in the scraps off plates department. However their poor table manners makes up for it - they just drop stuff everywhere.

How come humans don't have to do the Mungry Dance?
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