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As pointed out by grega

A total ban on taildocking looks very likely in Scotland. Will the rest of the UK follow -  sadly, I doubt it somehow, not for a very long time.  Kato has the most impressive tail in the Collective - a Las Vegas Tail - an immense plume of joyous communication, a one flagged semaphore of Happy Dog. If Katos tail were a frock it would be a diamante spangled, tassled affair with a long train - the Liberace of Tails. At its most foolish and comical, its a Dame Edna Everridge tail. Its a surefire barometer for her mood - and for how muddy it is outside. If tails were trousers - Katos tail would be cartoon 70s flares, with paisley insets and bells on.

Little Abe has a heavy tail - as a pup, the vet muttered that she may have problems with it later. Thankfully, Abe has never had a problem but has cleared many a coffee table of beercans and ashtrays. 

I'm getting more 80's big hair than 70's flares there!

Nathan, the Toxic Pixie
Poor Barnum is both docked and de dew clawed...this was done long before he ever came to us, we suspect by the people who bred him and then dumped him at the police station the rescue centre collected him from, thankfully he does still have quite a lot of his tail left unlike Boxers or Rotties....

Penny's missing most of hers too, and as she has floppy spaniel ears her tail is even more important for communicating her mood. And we think she would have had a good chance at the water dog speed record if she still had it, because as well as swimming normally she'd have had the extra power from the tail propeller. It's pretty good with only a quarter or a third of it there, with it she'd have been invincible, well if she was swimming towards food she would.