kato age two

Can I Have Whatever She's Having?

We watched Dog Borstal on BBC3 this evening - didn't really see the point in the training methods - why your human sleeping in a tent helps a dogs training? Felt sorry for the owners of the two feuding Jack Russels - their evident heartbreak at their dogs inability to get on  - well we understand their pain and good for them for not going down the rehoming route.  Seeing the Boxer really enjoying agility makes us want to find Kato a new agility class, Kato really did love going around the circuit.  Felt sorry for the 8 month old puppy who was described as destructive and shown chewing a toilet roll - puppies chew  - they often grow out of it - or in Javas case appears to be growing into it.

Java continues to relish her second (or maybe its her first) puppyhood - chewed her first toilet roll ever this evening, must have got the idea from Dog Borstal program! Java even enjoyed playing tug for a while with a human, without getting worried about it. Kato and Java will play with toys together - but for all the Canine Feminist Collectives expensive and extensive collection of toys - this is currently their favourite - its one of a cuddly lobsters legs, or would that be tentacles. 

Java and Toilet Roll 

Java playing tug with a human

Java and Kato's fave toy

Kato with Lobby Lobsters..... errrr......limb

Kato - is that a lobster limb sticking out of your mouth or are you pleased to see me ?

You know, evey day I thank DOG that Kato was not a Little Boy Dog and doing the mad humping thing - we have few visitors as it is.
That "limb" looks like a micro-sized Kato tongue.

Maybe the new super-chilled Java will slow the greying.
That's the exact opposite of what my dad used to tell his school.

He started going grey at ~13, in a time when grey highights were fashionable(!)

Java - 1950s dog!
Oh Kato you are so scrummy.

I have just looked round at Penny and she is cleaning her thigh cat-style. That dog is getting more strange by the day, maybe she should have a good long talk with Java-the-chilled.

Yes, Paul started Tuesday, seems to be really OK.
heh! Penny *is* strange -had you not noticed?

We decided on the Shamania Festy by the way - its 21st to 23rd of July - it would be lovely if you could arrive on the Thursday so we can have dinner etc. Java will probably go and stay with her personal dogsitter

Now we are going to try and convince teverel and feddupfairy that campings not so bad......

I hope we are going to see you before July though - need to give you keys etc
I agree with you about that program, Id end up punching that macho bald guy, he is really horrible...Barnum would crumble under that kind of training....