kato age two

Zippeddy Doo Dah Zippedy Day

Java continues in her chipper mood - its getting slightly un-nerving. Gleefully flinging one of Softtoy Lobsters legs around.

In gardening news (see, summers on its way!) Kato is in the doghouse for digging an immense hole (3ft by 1ft by 2ft deep!)in the lawn. The lawn is pretty trashed anyway and will probably need returfing rather than reseeding. Some of the propagators and trays of seeds have started sprouting - spinach and random flowers are currently in the lead, with sweetcorn and chives a close second - though cucumbers will no doubt triffid their way into the lead later this week. Tomato's, celary, onions, basil, parsley,leeks and other stuff will no doubt appear later.

Note new icon - Abe looking rather cute in a wooly hat, taken on my phone earlier this evening.
That is indeed a cute icon. I'm going to have to get the photos out of Sydney during the game of buckaroo last year. Coming soon to an LJ near you.
Game of buckaroo? Was Sydney the bucking roo? - that sounds an excellent game - placing things on the dog until he/she chucks them off - or have I misunderstood the game :-)
I'm trying to find the post I made on this but essentially, I was at a party being hosted by tiahar and his friends decided to play a drinking game involving my sleeping dog. They dressed him up in all sorts of clothes including a wig, sunglasses, tiara, tutu, fluffy slippers and a ciggie hanging out of his mouth. First one to wake him up had to down a pint. The result was the icon posted here. He didn't wake up. Daft animal.
In fact, if you want to see it, I can send you the whole amusing picture with the slippers and tutu and everything. E-mail or post on LJ?