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More Pies!

The Collective watched Fat Pets last night. And it is apparent that we are undernourished and neglected. Please send us pies. See icon - thats us, that is

All four of us (and that includes all of Kato's big rotty ass and lardy pie monster  overloved, big-boned Abe) only weigh about a whippet more than the huge 92KG pig rotty.

The pig rotty was fed 16pounds of best steak and real meat a week - we doubt theres even 16 grams of best anything in the canned stuff we get fed on.   Abe used to be a lot chubbier but then she found the Abekins diet - less mixer, treats were taken from her daily food allowance, having part of her allowance frozen in a bone so she has to exercise and work to get it, and most importantly - two exercise periods of Speed Slippy Dog with Kato per day. Having a big garden where the dogs can really get up to speed and let off steam has really helped all the Collective retain/regain their figures. However, if Abe is very skinny, it indicates she is stressed, traumatised and unhappy, such as when we moved house and when Kato first moved in.

Theres been some rather vigilante threads on dogpages today about the fat rotty owner - but I think if they want to get nasty with anyone, theres the badger baiting chav who was on the news a few days ago, who really doesn't deserve to share breathing space with any of us, dog, human or insect.
I only saw a trailer for it, which was probably just as well as I was shouting rude things at the television in the staff room just from that.
It was actually quite good, in that most of the pets had a big lifestyle change, and lost weight. The King Charles spaniel owner got dog trainer bloke in who helped her become pack leader, and he lost a *load* of weight. They decided that the main problem with the cat was that he wasn't getting any exercise and so his poor owners had to run round the house with balls and things on strin whilst he sat on the stairs and looked at them disdainfully. One of the rotties lost weight and got better from his joint problem. So there was only the really fat rotty that was the frustrating one. Crazy mad woman.
Thanks for the invite! And I suspect you meant the human pack member not the four dogs left on your doorstep clutching a bag of Bonios and their chewed copy of Toy Story.

We are pretty busy this weekend though - we *will* have to arrange to meet soon. Hoping to have Gothic Dogsitters Inc. over to look after Abe&Lindsay soon and I expect they will appreciate being shown the local pub.
You could all come if you promise not to eat the rabbit!!
Yes, if you can't come tomorrow then meetage soon would be good. There will be people you know there though like flooks and poss one of the GDIs too!