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Java on Prozac? Canine Politics

Java has always been the sombre, aloof loner in the Collective. Not overly loving but affectionate enough.  Medium obediance, not a programmed robot and not a chaotic rebel. Java will play awhile with Kato, but playing with humans is a no-no, there are no cute tricks, no playing with toys, no juggling tug toys just to get a Bonio. 

Java likes her own peaceful solitude. A quiet reflective poet of a dog.

But we reckon her Personal Dogsitter has been popping Prozac in her Winalot. This evening Java was pestering human, didn't want the loo, didn't want her back rubbed,it was way too early for dinner - she wanted to PLAY. PLAY WITH HUMANS. So play we did, a brief game of Fetch, and she played like a daft puppy, belting after a red and blue tennis ball,and bringing it back. These many mile hikes with her Staff Association, and nights away from home, with Glyn and  balsall_heathen, seem to have chilled her out and made her more happy, confident and more interactive. So this weekend we intend to take her on a hike - anyone reccomend a good flask? 

The other possible change in the Collective happened last week when in the scramble for the backdoor, Java allowed Kato to go out first, she stepped back and let the Teenager pass Perhaps in her head this acceptance of Kato's status has cancelled out any concerns she had about the possible Leadership Contest with Kato's second birthday and full maturity on the horizon.  Though whether Java would have claimed a drink problem to step down, or got herself caught red-pawed with a rent-dog to avoid the contest is doubtful. This is a dog leadership contest and they have far more dignity, truth and sense of fair play than any politicians.

 As sheff_dogs advised, dogs don't really care where they are in the pack  - as long as they know.  Kato however remains passive to Abe downstairs and in the garden, but assertive and bossy upstairs. Thats a strange one . And even though Lindsay is a frail old lady, no one messes with Lindsay, even though any of the three could easily win a scrap with her. 

Goodonyer, big nose!
It must be related. All these years she's been top dog and had to keep this pack of idjuts in line. Maybe now she can let Kato take over and chill for a while.
Re: Goodonyer, big nose!
Yep - She even hesitated before barking at posty this morning - but Kato was messing about so Java had to quickly scramble to repel Posty and his Evil Letters. Otherwise posty would no doubt still be stood on our doorstep.
I did? Well if you say so. Makes me sound so sensible and calm.

Half the time I still can't remember the end of the sentence I just started. I exaggerate, things ARE better, but I want to be completely better NOW (stamps feet and sulks, then stops 'cos she knows this is NOT attractive to anyone. But still want it).

Decided which weekend you want us to dogsit (no hurry)?