A Whole Week

hatty human has entire week off work, already at a loss as to what to do. Hey! Walk Us Bitch!
Sxandors human visited, gave us chips, no Sxandor tho, Lindsay and Sxandor have yet to meet, Lindsay not being overly fond of over excited boy dogs.
Humans might pop over to wolves tomorrow early evening to some sort of party, back in time to maybe venture to Radius. Its all mights and maybes.
Last weekend we got Trick or Treat nippers who no matter how loudly we hollered friendly woofy barks at the window, didn't seem to want to come in. Strange that.
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Just coming to the end of my hols, so I have 2 weeks worth of catching up to look forward to when I get back!

Will the ladies be requiring the services of Gothic Dogsitters Inc. before the New Year is upon us?
Woofing Barks!! Theres a Zogg on 12th December or thereabouts - so that weekend would be Koo-ell!! Do you know if your free? How was your Whitby?
Nothing planned that I'm aware of, so that should be fine. What days will the humans be away?

Whitby was great, if rather knackering. I'm just glad I took the time of to recover!
the friday & saturday, maybe the sunday night if that was OK with you - humans can do the round trip, Planet Zogg and assorted parents oop north.
We can have an early doggy Xmas - Woofing Barks!