kato age two

Canine Feminist Art Collective

Our humans skipped in, jubilant, with their latest bargain purchase for our canine entertainment. A book entitled “Dog Works – The Meaning and Magic of Canine Constructions”. Apparently, we canines are in tune with the spiritual rhythms of the earth, and given the opportunity, will express this in our art and construction, including bone circles, sand circles, stick wigwams and even little henges.
What a load of hippy catpoop
– tomorrow we Canine Feminist Collectives will dutifully line up with a selection of building materials, twigs, branches, stones and leaves. Kato would like a concrete mixer but will probably have to settle for mud. Abe really prefers to work with pastilles and canvas. Lindsay is a Turner Prize Winning art installation in herself. Java gets out of the “Art Project” as she is off out for the weekend with her Personal Dogsitter and the Wolverhampton College Staff Association.

Anyway, here is the book and also Jessie the Purebred Boxer and her Henge

( purebred - the books words not ours - even Telepathic Animal Spiritualist Diviners can be dog snobs too apparently) 
Jessie apparently revealed herself as a builder during the summer solstice.