kato age two

Java In Swimming Shock

Java's friends will know that she hates water, not just soapy bath water, but any form of water, pond, river, hosepipe, paddling pool. She even skids to a halt at the backdoor if its raining, crossing her legs hoping it stops before toilet needs become too great. Java does drink water but if the bowl has spilt (or been Katoed as we call it) she will stretch to avoid getting her dainty paws damp. Java has a very intense hydrophobia.

But away from the Collective, with her personal dogsitter, seems she turns into a bit of a Little Britain Andy. Today she went out with the Wolverhampton College Staff Association - for a brief seven mile walk.
There was a big splash and there was Java happily swimming around. She was lifted out by her harness and seemed amused, had an allover shake and seemed to be contemplating a second dive. But the pub was calling.