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The deaf as a biscuit, ancient Lindsay doesn't hear Katos (fairly impressive) Grumbly Growlys when she helps herself to Kato's Crumbly Bone Stash. Lindsay just bimbles in leaving Kato open jawed in indignation. "You can't steal my Crumbly Bone Stash from right under my Snooter! I,m a ferocious Rottweiler!"
"Pardon? Speak up Krappo! I can't hear you when I,m crunching these delicious crumbly bones. Stolen? Well why didn't you growl? Blimey, pups of today"

Java remains the Gay. Coincidentally, one of Javas nicknames is Bendy. When Java is having her back rubbed she literally goes Bendy, folding herself in half. When cold, she rounds herself into a perfect compact circle - a Winterball. Then again, another of her nicknames is Flat - as she flatdogs people she likes, a clumsy, prone affair, of slim dog stretching out as flat as she can go, clumsily rubbing her head under human chin. All of these nicknames are her Happy Words and we use them as praise and affection; though do feel a tad embaressed at telling her Personal Dogsitter that Java likes being called a "Whose a Bendy Flat then?" and "Awws a Bendy Winterball"

But not so embaressing as our friends who fell into the habit of using the command "PiddleDiddle" for Outside/Toilet for their dogs.
I have been know to sit ours down and ask them in turn if they have both done a wee before letting them in....
But not so embaressing as our friends who fell into the habit of using the command "PiddleDiddle" for Outside/Toilet for their dogs.

Does Abe still get upset at 'bin bag'?
She does sculk if called a Bin Bag. So does Java. Kato only sculks if growled at which we reserve for emergency situations - such as having Javas entire head in her mouth and refusing to let go........
Arf Arf...that made me chuckle very loudly. Thankfully not in office today.

Syd goes bendy in the middle too when being scratched. He's also gay sometimes - he tried regularly to hump my parent's (now in puppy heaven) Welsh Terrorist, Jack (who tried to hump back on many occasions). So I guess there's no real shame in it for dogs. On the other hand, christiffer's parent's dog Lucy causes Syd all sorts problems in the 'can't put it away' department. It was nearly a vet-job one day until we sprayed freezing water over him. Kinda sorted it! But then he wanted to play with the hose. There's just no stopping the Sydney-boo.
Its the 'can't put it away' dept. that has always put me off having boy dogs though Dog Five will have to be a boy if theres going to be any chance of harmony in the Canine Feminist Collective Pack dynamics......not that theres going to be a Dog Five............not even a Dog Four and a Half......

Kato likes Hose Game - she would like Sydney-Boo